Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on our world. Not just our economy, but also our relations have suffered. People are choosing to stay indoors, and those who are outside are maintaining as much social distance as they could. Hospitals are overwhelmed by a load of patients, and the healthcare workers are ob the frontline fighting the battle against the virus. There are so many things that are set to change after the virus leaves. It will impact the world drastically, and shift our priorities.

The toll on healthcare workers:

Apart from the economy, one of the sectors that the virus has affected a lot is healthcare. Not just it has revealed our vulnerability, but it has put a psychological effect on the workers who are on the frontline. They are rendering sacrifices and extreme work conditions. Despite the lack of equipment, they are using whatever measures they can to attend their duties. On top of that, they watch their patients succumbing to the disease. This is likely to affect them psychologically. This is taking a toll on their mental health. After the Covid-19, we will see many of the Front liners with the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Diminishing trust in the globalized world

Before the virus, we were all free, but now you can say that we are all jailed. There will be limitations. We enjoyed free traveling without masks, sanitizers, and face shields, but circumstances have changed. We will not be able to travel like we used to. Before we head out to someplace, there will be a lot of things that we think.

Focus on the healthcare system

One of the things that the pandemic affected is healthcare. The hospitals are overburdened, and this is where the emphasis is needed. The hospitals and healthcare will need an upgrade, and the post COVID world will see improved investments. The hospitals need to be expanded. These changes are already happening, and they are to happen in the future more.

The immunity passport:

The UK government is already considering this step. This is like a regular passport, but the way it works will be different. If you are a certified immune then you will get a pass to resume the work, and those of the people who don’t have it will have to stay indoors.

Surveillance as an ongoing public health measure:

Surveillance has increased since the pandemic started. This was done to track the infected people. Many countries used phone tracking to locate and to alert. Countries like South Korea went a step further and used bank transactions as well as CCTV with phones to trace.

Brand-new habits:

The pandemic saw an increasing number of people caring for hygiene. People are maintaining social distancing, washing hands regularly, and sanitizers are in place everywhere. Facemasks are a norm these days.


One of the things that will change after the Covid-19 is flying, and going to new places. In healthcare, the countries will share the data, and the hospitals will be upgraded to accommodate any emergencies.