In recent years, online therapy services have become more popular around the globe. Countless websites are put up, and some experience more success than others with attracting a sustainable client base. 


A lot of people are skeptical of the idea of getting therapy through video online video chats, however. 

The presence argument

Mainly, the skeptics wonder if online therapy has the same impact as being in the same room as the therapist. Just like many teachers are unsure of how well their students are paying attention when attending online lectures, it´s uncertain how well the people going to therapy are taking in the information and insights from their sessions. 


The field hasn´t existed for long enough to say for sure whether online therapy makes the quality go down. But one thing is for sure; there are certain upsides to having therapy sessions through video chats.  


In many cases, online therapy may be the best way to go. Because of the corona pandemic, it has become increasingly important for people to be able to receive treatment digitally. It is not only a good alternative due to the coronavirus, however. Meeting a therapist online may be necessary or preferred by people who: 

  • Are sick
  • Can´t be relieved from work when they see fit
  • Have a job which includes a lot of travel
  • Study or work in another country
  • Have physical difficulties


In short, it´s convenient and it saves a lot of time. 


Some branches of online therapy have proven to work quite well. In Norway, for example, couples therapy has seen a lot of success, perhaps because it makes it easier for both individuals in a couple to agree to get therapy. Often, one of the two is very eager about Parterapi på nett, whereas the other denies that there are any problems in the relationship, and they refuse to go – a resolve which might stem from the discomfort of showing up. With online therapy, the commitment bar is lowered. 


Online therapy services aren´t just trending in Norway; they are working! And regardless of whether Covid lasts or goes away, they will most likely stay as a sustainable alternative to traditional, face-to-face treatment.